Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flood Report

Found this while I was out and about today. The image to the right is of a section of the old Overton-Thompson boundary wall on South Curtiswood Drive, toppled over by the force of the water on Sunday. This section of fence was used as part of the Confederate defense line during the Battle of Nashville in 1864.
This being a site dealing with local history, it might not be a bad idea to post the following updates as to the status of some historic sites and buildings. (Please note that all information given here is unofficial, based on phone conversations with the various sites. For official word, please contact the various sites' websites or phone numbers for more info.)

  • Belle Meade Plantation had its front entrance damaged, and ended up with an incredible four feet of water in the cellar. But all artifacts were moved to safety, and it appears that there was little appreciable damage. As of today they were open for business as usual.
  • Fort Nashborough missed it by inches...literally. The flood waters on First Avenue crept to within a short distance of the fort, but judging by the aerial shots on the news coverage, it appears that it managed to stay above the stream. No official word on damage yet.
  • The Hermitage was closed today and yesterday due to the "inclement weather." No word of any damage.
  • Travellers Rest Plantation had a miraculous escape...even the normal leaks didn't seem to leak. Little appreciable damage, and as of yesterday they were open for business as usual.
  • Mansker's Station remained closed today in Goodlettsville, due to flooding in Moss Wright Park. No word yet on any damage.
  • Rather alarmingly, Rock Castle in Hendersonville backs up to the banks of Old Hickory Lake. There has been no word yet on any damage suffered.
  • The Franklin Historic District was, in places, submerged under several feet of water. Some damage can probably be expected in areas near the river.
If anyone has any further additions (or corrections) to the above list, please feel free to leave a comment. (Any information about Rock Castle is especially appreciated.)


  1. Rock Castle was somewhat flooded...apparently the kitchen and basement. They were able to remove all the furnishings and what not to upper floors and stated that everything is under control. I'm not sure about their "open" status.

  2. That's good news! Or as good as it can be, given the circumstances. Seeing how close they are to the water, that could have been devastating. Thanks for the update!